What are elements, mixtures and compounds?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define and give examples of elements, compounds and mixtures.
  2. Classify matter into elements, compounds and mixtures.
  3. Represent elements, compounds and mixtures using a model
    or diagrams.

Elements are substances which are made up entirely from one type of atom, regardless of whether the atoms are chemically combined together.Elements.JPGhow to draw atoms.jpghow to draw elements.jpgExamples:iodine iron and graphite elements.jpg

A compound is made up of two or more elements chemically combined in a fixed structure.compounds.JPGhow to draw compound.jpg


While a mixture composed of two or more elements or compounds which are not chemically combined in a fix structure. It may be made up of components which can be physically separated.mixture.JPGhow to draw elements.jpghow to draw compound.jpg

Examples:milk.pngzinc copper gives brass.jpg

muddy water.jpg


1.    Create a flow chart about matter, elements, compound and mixtures with the words given.All matter can be classified 1.PNG

2.    Cut out the images provided and place them into the correct category in the empty space provided.grouping 2a.PNGgrouping 2b.PNG