Strong and Weak Acids have Different Reaction Rates

Magnesium will react with an acid and make hydrogen gas. The more concentrated the acid, the faster the magnesium will react and you will see bubbles of hydrogen being produced more quickly.

A strong acid and a weak acid of the same concentration will react at different rates with the same metal.

You can see the difference between a strong acid and a weak acid of the same concentration by looking at the reaction with magnesium. The strong acid reacts faster and you see more bubbles of hydrogen. This is because the strong acid has more hydrogen ions in the solution even though it is at the same concentration as the weak acid. A piece of magnesium the same size should be used in both acids for the comparison to be fair.

The weak acid will produce the same amount of hydrogen as the strong acid
from the same amount of magnesium but the weak acid will take longer to do it.


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Relative Strength of Acids

Good to know. Handy Chart.acidstrength

Determining Strong Acids-Strong acids almost completely ionize in water. Looking at TABLE L . A LARGE value for K will indicate the acid is STRONG.


A small value for K will indicate the the acid is WEAK.