Electrolysis III Revision MCQ Questions

1.    Which statement best explains the generation of electrical energy in a simple cell?

A    Free moving ions in the electrolyte.

B    Free moving electrons in the electrolyte.

C    Transfer of electrons from a more reactive metal to a less reactive metal.

D    Transfer of electrons from a less reactive metal to a more reactive metal.

2.     In the set-up shown below. metal X is more reactive than metal Y.Electrolysis 3 MCQ2.PNG

Which statement about metal X is correct?

A    Metal X decreases in size.

B    Metal X is reduced.

C    Metal X is the cathode.

D    Metal X gains electrons from metal Y.

3.     In which of the following circuits is the bulb likely to shine most brightly?Electrolysis 3 MCQ3.PNG

4.    Consider the simple cell shown below. Which of the following changes will occur?Electrolysis 3 MCQ4.PNG

A    Oxygen gas is produced at the copper electrode.

B    The blue colour of the copper(II) sulfate solutions turn darker.

C    Hydrogen gas is produced at the magnesium electrode.

D    The copper electrode is coated with a layer of brown solid.

5.     Ferroxyl indicator can be used to show if rusting has occurred. It turns blue in the presence of Fe2+ (aq). An experiment was set up as shown.Electrolysis 3 MCQ5.PNG

After a few minutes. no blue colour was seen in the solution. What could possibly be the identity of metal X?

A    Copper

B    Lead

C    Magnesium

D    lron


1.    C

2.    A

3.    B

4.    D

5.    C


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