Electrolysis II Revision MCQ Questions

1.    A spoon is to be silver plated. Which one of the following gives suitable materials for the cathode, anode and electrolyte?Electrolysis 2 MCQ1.PNG

2.    Aqueous copper(II) chloride was electrolysed using copper electrodes. Which of the following graphs best represents the change in mass of the anode with time?Electrolysis 2 MCQ2.PNG

3.     An experiment on electrolysis is set up as shown.
Electrolysis 2 MCQ3.PNGWhich of the following statements is incorrect?

A    Both cathodes gain mass.

B    pH of the electrodes increase after some time.

C    The copper(II) sulfate solution remains blue.

D    The ratio of silver deposited to copper deposited is 2 to 1 mole respectively.

4.     In an electrolysis experiment, the same amount of charge deposited 16 g of copper and 6 g of titanium. What was the charge on the titanium ion?

A    1+

B    2+

C    3+

D    4+

5.     Two electrolytic cells, A and B. were set up as shown below. The electrolyte in both cells is green nickel(II) sulfate solution of the same concentration. Cell A has two nickel electrodes, while Cell 8 has a nickel cathode and a platinum anode.Electrolysis 2 MCQ5a.PNG

A steady current was passed through both cells for some time, and the results were summarized in the table below.Electrolysis 2 MCQ5b.PNGWhich statement about the reactions is true?

A    Equal masses of nickel are formed on the two cathodes.

B    pH of the electrodes increase after sometime.

C    The green nickel solution in both cells decolorise after sometime.

D    The remaining solutions left behind in both cells are acidic.


1.    B

2.    A

3.    B

4.   D

5.   A


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