Electrolysis I Revision Structured Questions

1.    Complete the following table for the electrolysis of substances using inert electrodes.Electrolysis 1 SQ1.PNG

2.    Sodium metal is extracted from molten sodium chloride by electrolysis. The diagram below shows how the process works.Electrolysis 1 SQ2.PNG

(a) (i) Write an ionic half equation. with state symbols, to show the reaction that happens at the anode.
(ii) Describe a simple test and its result that would identify the gas given off at the
(b) Calcium chloride is added to the sodium chloride to lower the melting point of the mixture.
(i) Explain why lowering the melting point makes the process cheaper to run.
(ii) The molten sodium contains metallic impurities. Name the main metal impurity you would expect to find and explain how it forms.




Electrolysis 1 SQ1.PNG

Electrolysis SQ2a.PNGElectrolysis SQ2b.PNG


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