Electrolysis I Revision MCQ Questions

1.    During the electrolysis of concentrated sodium chloride using platinum electrodes, which of the following would be the correct observations at each electrode?Electrolysis 1 MCQ1.PNG

2. Which of the following equations represents the reaction that takes place at the cathode during the electrolysis of aqueous silver nitrate with carbon electrodes?

A    Ag+ (aq) + e –> Ag (s)

B    2H+ (aq) + 2e –> H2(Q)

C    2N3- (aq) –>  N2(aq) + 6e

D    4OH (aq) –> O2 (g) + 2H2O (I) + 4e

3. Electrolysis of the following electrolytes (using inert electrodes) give the same product at the cathode except

A    dilute sulfuric acid

B    aqueous sodium chloride

C    aqueous copper (II) sulphate

D    concentrated potassium hydroxide

4. Element X is extracted by the electrolysis of a molten compound of elements X and Y. The electrode reactions are as shown.
At the cathode: X2+ (I) + 2e –> x (I)
At the anode: 2Y2- (I) –> Y2 (g) + 4e

A    Aluminium oxide

B    Calcium chloride

C    Magnesium oxide

D    Potassium chloride

5. During the electrolysis of molten silver bromide using graphite electrodes, what will be the mass of the products collected at each electrode when 0.5 mol of electrons was passed through the electrolytic cell?

Electrolysis 1 MCQ5.PNG

6. A solid deposit of element R is formed at the cathode when an aqueous solution containing ions of R is electrolysed. Which statement about element R is correct?

A    Element R is below hydrogen in the reactivity series.

B    R gains electrons to form ions at the cathode.

C    Element R forms negatively charged ions.

D    Ions of R loses electrons at the cathode.


1.    B

2.    A

3.    C

4.    C

5.    B

6.    A


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