Salt Preparation Revision MCQ Questions

1.    Which of the following does not show the appropriate reagents used for the preparation of the named salts?


2.    Which pair of substances produce a precipitate when their aqueous solutions are mixed?

A    sodium chloride and barium nitrate

B    sodium nitrate and barium chloride

C    sodium nitrate and silver nitrate

D    sodium sulfate (VI) and barium chloride

3.    Which of the following reaction produces the best yield of calcium sulfate?

A    Add dilute nitric acid to calcium carbonate, followed by dilute sulfuric acid.

B    Mixing solid calcium nitrate and solid potassium sulfate.

C    Add dilute sulfuric acid to calcium carbonate

D    Titrate aqueous calcium hydroxide with dilute sulfuric acid

4.    Which of the following substances in water is most suitable to react with dilute hydrochloric acid to prepare silver chloride?

A    Silver oxide

B    Silver metal

C    Silver nitrate

D    Silver carbonate

5.    Which of the following pairs of solutions when added together will produce an insoluble salt?

I     Magnesium fluoride and lead(II) nitrate

II   Sodium chloride and silver nitrate

III  Copper(II) sulfate and barium chloride

IV  Potassium carbonate and sodium nitrate

A    I and II only

B    I, II and III only

C    I, II and IV only

D    I, II, III and IV


1.    A

2.    D

3.    A

4.    C

5.    B


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