Atomic Structure Revision MCQ Questions

1.    Two particles having the same numbers of protons and neutrons but different number of electrons might be an atom and

A    an ion of different elements.

B    an ion of same element.

C    an isotope of different elements.

D    an isotope of the same element.

2.    Why are the elements sodium and chlorine in the same Period of the Periodic Table?

A    Sodium is a reactive metal and chlorine is a reactive non-metal.

B    Sodium and chlorine combine together to form a compound of formula

C    The atoms of both elements have only three electron shells containing

D    The atoms of both elements have eight electrons in their second
electron shell.

3.    The formulae of the ions of some elements are shown below.

N3-    O2-    F    Li+    Mg2+

Which statement about these ions is CORRECT? They all have

A    the same number of electrons in their outermost shells.

B    the same electronic structure as a noble gas.

C    the same number of neutrons in their nuclei.

D    more electrons than protons.

4.    In which one of the following sets do all 3 particles have the same total number of electrons?

A    CI, Br, I

B    F, Ne, Na+

C    H, H, H+

D    S2-, SO3, SO32-


1.    B

2.    C

3.    B

4.    B



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